My name is Victor and I was born into an ordinary family in a small village. Maybe because of this I avoided a lot of serious problems growing up.

I studied at college, got a job and then joined the army. During this time my brother also joined the army but never came home.  But I was alive, God kept me alive and I always knew that God had His eye and hand on me.

Later on I got married and together we moved to Lebedyn. However after a while my wife showed signs of addiction to gambling at local game arcades. It was a really hard time and I had to look out for her everywhere we went at night. Our family was on edge of collapse but God stepped in and everything started to be better.  My wife joined a church home group and Sunday service and God changed her life and she became a Christian and was baptised. I observed everything and then I started to go to the church with her. I understood that my life was strongly connected to God. I believed God and decided to follow Him by becoming a Christian.

God is so Good to me and I feel His Presence in my life. Praise God for all His blessings.