Hi.  My name is Sergey Shulov but most people know me as ‘musical Sergey’. I worked at Malyi Vystorop Agricultural College and viewed the world as an atheist.


Before I became a Christian and before my baptism in 2000 I had really hard time in my life.  Both my children had a really serious diagnosis of Bruton’s disease, an immunodeficiency disease which caused the death of my eldest son. 


By God’s mercy, and thanks to Mike Wadey who we met with a little while later Sasha, my younger and now only son, is still alive and serves with me in the Lebedyn mission. 


After my time at Malyi Vystorop our family moved to Lebedyn, where Spiritual Revival Mission Centre was situated. God called me to serve Him in here and I continue doing His work still today. 




Some of the ministries I serve in include a Christian puppet show called ‘Piligrim’ look after performance recordings for the puppets show and soundtracks for the songs, distributing products of studio work.  I also advice and assistance in our social networks.  My experience in computers means I provide computer and mobile phones courses for aged people together with obligatory Biblical courses.  Lastly I am involved in the musical and choir ministry. 

My hopes and plans for future are to develop the puppets shows, the creativity and live performances.  I would also love to create the youth worship group. 

I am so grateful to God, to His Son Jesus Christ, to the Holy Spirit. He has found and saved me, gave me the ministry to serve Him and is guiding me to His Heavenly Kingdom. Praise and Glory to Him only!!! Amen.