Dear brothers and sisters,


It’s would be my great pleasure to share my testimony about my way to God and ministry in the Spiritual Revival mission of Lebedyn.


I have started to go to Christian meetings back in 1997, when together with my parents I lived in the village of Malyi Vystorop. Pastor Sergey Ovcharenko had started Evangelism meetings that year in our village. My Mum was first to visit the meetings and then she started helping with Sunday school. Then my father started helping with the worship.


In 2000 we moved to Lebedyn where they continued to do the ministry in a new church and mission centre. My father started a puppet show ministry, recordings, and worship which he still does today.

Half of my childhood was spent in a Christian atmosphere so after moving to Lebedyn I too became a part of the puppet show team. It was so funny, I was little and short that I had a chair to stand on so my puppet could be seen by the audience. Despite the difficulties of long journeys, uncomfortable conditions, bad roads (believe me we had very bad roads!) I was so involved in this ministry – I loved it! Pastor Sergey and my father used any opportunity to visit different places in Ukraine spreading God’s Word through the puppet show stories, songs and preaching.

The most unforgettable visits for me were visits to orphanages.

It was very hard to go to such places, but at the same time the visits made me think that life can be hard for everybody but there are children whose life is even harder, because they don’t have parents love. I had loving parents and God who loves me and cares about me.

I loved to serve God through this ministry, to be patient, to love people and try to help them anyway I could. Also the mission team from England was a perfect example of strength, time and financial sacrifice to serve God. That’s how I met my dear friend Mike Wadey who has been very caring and loving person to my family and me.  I still continued taking part in the puppet shows and help at the Christian camps.

Because of my skills in computers in 2008 I started teaching children and teens how to work with computers. The same year I became a mission worker.  The Lord was working in my heart and in 2010 I became a Christian and was baptized. God had touched my heart by the preaching during the youth meeting. That’s how I started my way with Jesus Christ. Praise God!

It is a great privilege for me to be a part of the church and mission team. I am so thankful to God for finding the right ministry for me in His ministry.

I now manage the photo and video content for our church and mission centre, evangelism, mission reports, children and teens camps, meetings, and produce different designs for ministries and evangelism. I continue the computer classes for teens where we learn how to do websites and mobile applications designs.

Thank God and thank you, dear friends for your support, prayers and motivation. You have always been for me a great spiritual example and now your work, your example is producing fruit.

I Praise God for everything!!!!!!!

Best wishes from Sasha Shuliov