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A very warm welcome to the brand new Hope Lebedyn website. Hope Lebedyn is the new charity name for the work formerly known as EC Missions. The EC stands for Essential Christian, more widely known for running Spring Harvest a Christian conference attended by thousands every Easter.

My name's Peter Martin and it has been my honour to work with Pastor Sergey Ovcharenko who birthed this work from his small church and more recently alongside Pastor Bohdan Tymchyshyn who now heads up the Mission Centre in Lebedyn. Not forgetting the wider team in Lebedyn, Ukraine who for years have given their time and energy to serve, train and love the forgotten people of this region.

Peter Martin

The Ministry Centre
The team behind Hope Lebedyn (Back row left to right) Victor, Sasha, Pastor Bohdan, Arthur. (Front row left to right) Sergey, Inna, Pastor Sergey

The local church has been running their annual summer camps for both children and youth over the past month. Here's a small report and images of these much loved children's camp gatherings at the mission centre in Lebedyn.

During 20 years at the Spiritual Revival church campus we have held daytime summer meetings with local children. The goal of our work is not only to amuse and feed children, but also to become part of their lives, lives of their families and to be a good living example for them of the Gospel and its beauty and power.

We had unforgettable days. Everyday started at 09:00 through to 15:00. The majority of children were from single parent families and where mainly children live with their mothers. However, many of them also live with grandmothers as mothers need to go to work abroad. As a result we have noticed that these children needed much attention, love and hugs from us the most.

The main theme was "The World Picture” (or “The Beautiful World"). We spoke about God as the creator and then how the world has fallen away from God and how man is destroying this beautiful world. We then explained how God recreated the world and our lives by His Son Jesus Christ, who is our real friend, who gives us real love and Salvation.

Children who attended for the first time requested, and were given, Bibles. They wanted to know and find out more.

We were so encouraged that a lot of children prayed to Jesus for the first time as they understood that their hearts are sinful and became Christians.

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