My name is Anna Vorobiova. I am from Lebedyn. I love God, I love to sing, I love English and I love to work with children. And I try to use any opportunity to Glorify our Lord using my skills of what I love to do. Praise God He made it possible for me to serve Him with what He put on my heart. So I sing about God in churches, I translate (Ukrainian/Russian/English) and help to communicate in churches and missions, taking part in different activities with children such as camps, meetings, puppet shows, recordings etc.  God also blessed me with my job, where I teach children English through games, songs and activities.  Praise God He made a lot of my dreams to come true.

A lot of things in my life happened because of my singing ministry as I I first went to Lebedyn church to sing where I met my dear and best friends Mike and Rachel Wadey.  Through them God changed my life in many ways. I became a Christian and have a great Christian Lebedyn family.  My whole family including my mother, father, brother all became Christians as I started to attend church to sing. I also met my wonderful husband as he saw me singing in his church.  God taught me and humbled me through my singing ministry..He is true, He is alive and he is so Loving!!!!

I knew very little about God.

I was born into ordinary family and after 5 years my brother was born. My parents were working hard trying to make our living but my father little by little became addicted to alcohol. The situation got worse and worse and my mother was struggled with this problem so much. Everything was very difficult psychologically and financially as he kept losing his jobs because of his problem.  He also started taking things from home to exchange for vodka and even started to drink my mother’s perfumes. As a child I was a good pupil at school where I had dancing and music classes.  I also sang a lot at school and at Lebedyn and Sumy area concerts singing pop music.

I loved to sing, but I felt that the songs were silly about unfaithful love between a man and a woman etc. I really wanted to sing deep and meaningful songs, about trust and true love.

My great grandmother was a believer and she taught me how to pray to God in any situation. But at that time many people were afraid of cults and the bad things they heard were going on. Everyone heard about ‘White Brothers Cult’ and believed that all Christians were like this except those in Orthodox Christianity. I was afraid but I went there with my friend. I met with the musician who everyone knows as Musical Sergey and also met Pastor Sergey Ovcharenko.


I really liked it there and became a very active part of the puppet show team and singing ministry. We were spreading God’s Word through songs, activities and puppet shows around Sumy region. Musical Sergey wanted me to sing at their Sunday church services so I went each time when I had to sing. I loved the church songs as they were the ones I’ve always wanted to sing. After a while a team from England came to see the work in our church and that’s how I met Mike Wadey and his lovely family who played a great and important role in my life and life of my family. They became my dear English family and invited me to England to learn English during which time they became a great example for me. They also helped me to study at the University. 

Time went by and God continued to work in my heart mainly through my ministry. I believed I was a very good girl so I thought ‘I am a part of the church, I believe in God but at that time my heart was not fully opened to God. My brother was with me most of the time so he also heard a lot about God and then my mother started to come to church to hear me sing. After a while she became Christian as God has touched her heart. The church and Mike’s family heard that my father had a huge problem with alcohol and began praying for him. It was a hard, especially for my mother, but God helped us thorugh this time.  On the day when my father was praying in church I heard his prayer and story and it really touched my heart. So on that same day I prayed to God with all my heart and I also became a Christian. I understood how great and Loving and True Our God is! Praise Him! After a short while My whole family became Christians.  

I am so happy that God has always been so good to me and my family. I know that only God is the way for me and every person in the world!