Update 28th March 2024

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Dear Friends,

This week brought some surprises as the Sumy regional government decided last Saturday to postpone school holidays for a week. Nobody is quite sure why, but the knock on effect is that at the last minute the Spring Camp had to be postponed for one week. The good news is that more children have booked in. The camp is full, with a waiting list, and will start on Easter Monday. Bohdan has asked that we can especially pray for this week for safety and that the sirens will not sound as frequently.

Regionally (Sumy Oblast), the area is still under heavy attack. Velika Pisarivka is a town nearby (around 80km) which has been really hit hard. The church there has been abandoned, and most of the population is fleeing due to its danger. Many have come to Lebedyn looking for help and been told to come to the Centre. The Lebedyn government have been able to house those arriving as they have properties vacated by those fleeing Lebedyn.

People of all ages are needing help. Over 100 came to the Centre on Tuesday for bread and any aid we could give. The ladies have been sewing all day to make bedding and some clothes to help. Bohdan and team are today, and over the next few days, visiting all those that have arrived in the town to assess what needs there are, and then how they can be helped. The elderly lady in the photo below arrived and was sent to a care home, but she needed help walking, and the team were able to give her crutches and a wheelchair, which she was thrilled with. The lady with her child were able to be helped with nappies, bread and other items

I have mentioned in these updates that we are hoping for aid to arrive from Germany. Currently, it is stuck at Customs at the border, so again, please pray for its release and safe travel to its destination in the east of Ukraine.

Despite all that has been going on with the intensity of the war, the children and young people have been meeting. The older children/young teens met and had a pizza party - they loved it, and you can see the results of their cooking in the photo at the top of the page! The older teens have been meeting in the week in their Bible study homegroups. They are enjoying their new youth NIV new testaments.

UNICEF have approached Bohdan as they want to hold short courses for children to teach what they should do in case of emergency. Sadly, this means that more intense fighting in the region is expected. It is good that within the town UNICEF have recognised the value of the work being done in the Centre and know we have the ear of so many people through the help given.

Traditionally, Easter was always celebrated within the Orthodox Church calendar, always being later that the Easter dates here in the UK. The Ukraine Orthodox Church still will do that, but all other Protestant churches will be celebrating Easter as we do so this weekend. This has caused some tension between the two church denominations, and we hope and pray that this will not escalate into anything else.

In all my conversations with Bohdan and “Farmer” Sergey, including this week, they have expressed that it is the Easter message that keeps them going. The fact that through Jesus’ resurrection this brings eternal life to those that believe drives them in their work and ministry. It brings hope through dark times of despair. They send their Easter Greetings to everyone with this message…….

“The last week of Jesus’ life clearly shows that although there is a lot of betrayal, meanness and grief in the world, nothing has been out of God’s control and grace!! Even evil our Lord turned into greatest joy and hope! Happy Easter everyone!!! – Bohdan.”

May you all have a blessed Easter weekend, and thank you so much for standing with the team with your support, prayers and gifts. It is both humbling and so appreciated. We continue to pray for peace and safety for the team, their ministry, this region and of course this nation.

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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    From 17th - 24th February we are holding a week of prayer as we remember the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
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