Hope For Christmas Appeal 2023

Children who have received presents from the Centre this Christmas standing and sitting in front of a nativity scene
Children with the gifts donated by the Christmas Appeal 2022!

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Dear Friends,

Christmas is fast approaching and is a time that is celebrated all around the world. But for some, like those in Ukraine, this season holds little hope. By Christmas, this tragic war will have been going on for 22 months and there is little hope of any peace. Young children do not remember such a time.

For Ukrainians in the Sumy region, air raid sirens still fill the air daily. Missiles, drones, land mines and artillery fire are a constant hazard of daily living. Supplies of basic foods are in short supply, and inflation means that many goods are simply not affordable. Power cuts occur most days exposing them to the winter cold. As we witnessed through our camp and club programme during this year, children and families have been exposed to the atrocities of war with all knowing people that are missing, away fighting, or sadly, that have passed away. Every child seems to carry a trauma. With 70% of all families in Ukraine displaced since the start of the war, Christmas is a bleak time.

We would like to bring a little hope to the children and young people this Christmas. We plan to hold a Christmas camp for around 100 children in Lebedyn. We estimate that there are at least 600 children in the local area, and more within the wider county. What if we could help others and visit the hospital and local orphanages and give each child a present along with the Christmas story? We could share some love bringing them Hope for Christmas .

To hold the camp costs £35 per child. This means we need to raise £3,500 for this activity to happen.

We would love to reach 1,000 children with a gift as well. £12 will buy a Christmas bag full of treats and basic needs. There will be colouring pencils, pens, notebooks and items to help with schoolwork, hygiene products like toothbrushes, sweets, some small toys, a children’s Bible, and many other things to bring some festive cheer included. To reach these children will cost £12,000.

If we do all the above we will need to raise a total of £15,500. Of course, if you can gift aid your gift then this helps enormously. Perhaps you can encourage your friends, family and churches to help as well? There is so much need around the world currently, but hopefully in our little way we can truly make a difference into the lives of the children in the Sumy region. Any extra funds will be used to help buy food for those in need.

If you would like to donate to this project please click on one of the buttons above, or visit the Support Us page on this website where you can find details of how to donate. When giving via Stewardship please include a note with your donation that it is for the Christmas Appeal 2023. If giving via another means, once you’ve made your gift, please email info@hopelebedyn.org so we can acknowledge the receipt of your gift, and if you can make your donation via gift aid we will send you an appropriate form. Thank you!

If you would like to speak further to me or any of the team please do email us at info@hopelebedyn.org

Hope Lebedyn supporters have been enormously generous through these past 21 months of this war. You can see from the weekly updates that so much has been achieved to help the people in the needy region of Sumy, Ukraine. Thank you for your support and your consideration with this project.

Every blessing,

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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    From 17th - 24th February we are holding a week of prayer as we remember the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
    To help you pray, we've created a PDF guide that contains some daily prayer points. 

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