Update 30th September 2023

Freshly baked bread being handed out by the team at the Centre

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Dear Friends,

My video meeting with Bohdan this week was cut short as sirens were sounding and children had to be collected once again from the school bomb shelter. Every day this still happens, and sadly has become part of the daily culture for the children. The Sumy region is much like previous reports, with no let up throughout with the shelling and fire that is rained upon the Ukrainian towns and villages.

Helping those outside Lebedyn...

As mentioned last week, Bohdan was planning to visit Nedrigailiv, a village about 50km away that needed help and support. The young Pastor of the church there called Eugene asked Bohdan if they could go over as their village is struggling in all areas. It took twice as long as normal to drive there due to the conditions of the roads. They had a meeting where over 100 attended; 90% people unknown and needing help. They then went around the village seeing people. They heard many tales of sadness of how the war had taken loved ones and how they had lost everything and were living in fear. This church in Nedrigailiv have an interesting project to help within this very small rural area. They have converted a caravan into a kitchen to travel and feed those that just do not have anything. There are very few, if any, young people in the village area as it is too dangerous for families to live there. Bohdan and team are now looking at ways they can help them with their work. (An interesting fact is that the 4th President of Ukraine was born in this village and there is a museum there to honour this).

The above shows how important it is for us to find new sources of aid to get to Lebedyn so they can help others. Please continue to pray for this.

A new season of clubs...

The clubs started this past weekend again and many children and families turned up. Miraculously there were no sirens during the time the clubs were running so it made for a great time. Once again, there are many sad stories to hear, and it is clear how the war is impacting the children psychologically. Bread gets given out over the weekend and especially Thursdays when people come to the Centre.

Freshly baked bread piled on a table at the Centre

New doors, desks and chairs...

Work is starting on renovating the Centre’s own bomb shelter. Bohdan managed to acquire some nearly new iron “bomb-proof” doors, and Victor and team have them fitted already. We are still awaiting reports from the local authority as to everything else that needs to happen and the cost. Doing this work means that the team can continue the ongoing work through the winter safely.

Everything is now in place for the computer classes which will also double up for students in the new Bible school to study and write up their work. The computers have been ordered and new seating and desks in place as you can see below.

It looks like we have been able to secure accommodation for some of the workers that have come into the area. This is great as currently they are living in the Centre which is not ideal.

Bohdan’s wife, Alla, has been unwell this week with a virus that has completely knocked her down. Bohdan thinks she is over the worst, but please continue to pray for them as a family as they are giving out so much in very difficult circumstances.

The next few days will be busy with the many services, trips to the villages, children’s and family work and youth clubs. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Every blessing,

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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