Update 4th July 2023

A boy running around the sports hall in giant shoes

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Dear Friends,

Last week was the first of the camp weeks and it started in style with torrential rain - and it has not stopped since! Bohdan has said that he has never seen as much rain as this during a summer camp week.

Over 100 children turned up, 25 more than expected. Around 75 have lived in the locality through much of the war. The other 25 are displaced children fleeing from very tough conditions, or they have just arrived back from living in Europe for a year. I was on a video call last Thursday and could see the children having a lot of fun and laughter, which was good to see.

Bohdan says he and the team are concerned for the children’s mental welfare. Many have not been to school for 2 years so their level of concentration and focus is poor – even for instruction on how to do the fun crafts etc. Most are angry and annoyed about the war. They feel the injustice, hate the restrictions, are fed up with not being able to be in school, fed up with sitting in bomb shelters, and hold a deep set fear of what tomorrow might bring for family and their country.

A special story...

I thought you would be interested to hear this story from last Tuesday, day 2 of the camp. This is from a text from Bohdan……….. Good evening! Today was a difficult but blessed day. It rained all day, it was cold, we heard explosions, it was our soldiers shooting down Russian missiles. Also, one family who brought their son to us for the first time, asked to pray over him. He does not eat at all, does not sleep well, but the doctors do not see what the problem is. We prayed over him, and already in the evening, the boy began to eat. His name is Ivan. We had a nice talk with him, and he himself saw the Bible on my shelf and asked me to give it to him. Please pray for Ivan that as he reads his Bible he gets to know the real Jesus!

This is Ivan…….

A picture of a young boy called Ivan

Great fun being had......

The children have done all kinds of activities, including a lot of crafts and baking, and there have been so many games in the new building. Although they were not able to be outside, the kids enjoyed things immensely. The food was amazing and they ate so much fresh bread!! The cooks have been busy!

There will be more pictures in the next update, but here are a few below.

In other news...

Lyuba is now back from hospital. Physically she is doing well, but mentally and spiritually she is still very much struggling with the loss of her baby. She wants to get back and help with the camps next week, but we will see!

Luda is in attendance at the Centre and marshalling kitchen duties, but unable to do much. However, she wants to be there helping as much as she can. The rest of the team are all doing well and enjoying themselves!

There are still families that come to the Centre for help, and they are helped wherever we can. For the next few weeks the attention of the team will be focused on the children.

I asked Bohdan how he was doing and he said: “I’m happy, I’m doing God’s work and I’ve been blessed – what more can I ask!”

Thank you all for your ongoing prayers, support and encouragement - it is so appreciated.

Every blessing,

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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    From 17th - 24th February we are holding a week of prayer as we remember the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
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