Update 11th June 2023

Lady baking bread in the bakery

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Dear Friends,

This last week has seen some calm in the area, although tensions are running high as the people are rocked by the news of the dam in the south being bombed and causing great damage. People are nervous as to what lengths the Russians will go to try and gain the upper hand in their fight to attempt to conquer Ukraine. Over last weekend and through this week, missiles have been flying over very low to avoid radar systems. Bohdan said that the noise created was deafening and is causing increased fear and unsettlement with the children and young people.

In the last 3 days Farmer Sergey, Valentine and Svetlana have been on a youth training conference provided by the Kiev Theological Seminary. They are then bringing Svetlana back to Lebedyn and she will start work immediately. Her immediate task is to work with the existing team to plan for all the summer camps and clubs for children and young people. There is much work to do and grounds are being prepared for all this summer activity.

News on the playground...

The playground base is coming along slowly as the ground is very uneven. They need large quantities of ballast and sand which is hard to obtain as the military take what is available first. It is making it hard work for Bohdan and the team, as plans are constantly changing. Once we know this is all ready then we will look to get the playground equipment purchased and installed. This should make the site a lot safer as the Russians will not bomb areas where children are known to be.

Aid is more than food...

During the week, more food has been distributed into the villages as well as aids for those with disability. There are many who suffer with some form of disability who have not been able to escape to safer areas and a result have become very vulnerable. The team have been able to acquire crutches, walking sticks and other items to help so along with food, these have been distributed this past week.

Man using donated crutches to stand up on his own

Teams news...

Many of the needs remain the same as new vehicles need to be found to be able to do the work. Bohdan is working hard at getting this all sorted in the coming weeks ready for the busy summer. There is still much going on with the youth. They meet regularly to study the bible together, but also to see how they can help within the community. Bohdan said that they are really maturing both in faith and attitude. There will be quite a few baptised in the coming weeks.

After the camps and when the playground has been installed, the team are planning to help the military families and support them as many parents are away fighting. Being able to use the playground will be such a blessing to them.

The children are all happy as schools have now finished for summer, and that means no home schooling either! Both Bohdan and Alla are grateful for the rest this will give them as well, as these past terms have been so turbulent.

Lastly on team news, we would still value your prayers for Luba as she is still quite unwell. With her pregnancy they found that her blood is negative and her husband's is positive, but they have struggled to find the right drugs to help in this situation. Luba is struggling and having many days unwell in bed.

Luda, musical Sergey’s wife, is still struggling along with her heart condition, and again has good days and bad days. This last week, she has been baking bread in the bakery, and is still down to run the kitchens for all the camps. Food is an integral part the camp work as you can imagine. We would appreciate prayers for these valuable team members at this time.

Thank you again for all your ongoing support. Bohdan asked me today to send his love and greetings to all who are supporting and praying for them at this time.

Every blessing,

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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    From 17th - 24th February we are holding a week of prayer as we remember the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
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