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Dear Friends,

We wanted to share with you about some of the recent work taking place in Lebedyn. You will also find a list of prayer items that we would be grateful if you could pray into with us.

Thank you to each person, business, organisation, and trust who has supported the work of Hope Lebedyn. There are many people that have contributed to the cause in so many ways. Your continued help makes a real difference, so thank you!

Summer Camps 2022

The first of the summer camp weeks has now been had with huge success. The numbers stayed at around 100 children and these were the younger children in the area that attended. It has been quite clear that the war has impacted every young life with prayers held every day for the those involved. Bohdan informed me that every child had either a father, brother or Uncle taking part. When prayers were held many children wept. The consequences of this war will be felt for generations to come.

However, the children had an amazing time, they enjoyed the specials meals made and fun in their games and learning. The other thing to note was that amazingly there were no air raid sirens throughout the whole week during the day. If they did start up if was in the evening but no bombs fell in the area. The Oblast of Sumy has still been bombed but these are targeted mainly to businesses, roads, and infrastructures and occurs near the border to Russia.

You will see from the pictures below that the children really enjoyed their new bibles and activity books donated by the bible society which arrived just in time. In a video call with Bohdan he told me that there are no other summer camps anywhere near as they are not really allowed but the Mayor has given special permission for us to go ahead given the reputation the work of the centre has in the region.

Aid is still given out to those in need and many parents who bring their children take home help also. I have put a few pictures below but later there will be a fuller report of the work done through all the camps.

Prayer Requests:

1. For the camps which are taking place across the summer

The team spent a long time planning for the summer camps for 2022 and its finally reached the time where they have opened up their doors again to lots of young people for fun, fellowship and teaching!

Please join us in praying for this years children and youth summer camps and that each child enjoys the activities, opportunities for fellowship and discussions around faith too. Please also pray for the team and for fresh energy, strength and joy for them too!

2. The provision of more clothes and aid to share with families in great need

The team have been working hard distributing aid to those in need. However, the need is still as great as ever and we still need more clothes, so please join us in praying for this.

In addition, following our Mission Director's recent meeting with the area commander for the troops in the Lebedyn, it has become very apparent the number of families of soldiers who are really struggling and have a real need for food and clothes. Please pray for provisions to meet the growing needs.

3. Receiving funds we send out from the banks

One of the big problems we are still experiencing is getting the funds we send out from the banks. Currently, there is a national shortage of $US and therefore many have drawn down all their funds into this currency and fled out of the region and country. It has been a real challenge for Bohdan to manage but thankfully on Wednesday he was able to access all the remaining funds to pay for everything that was necessary to fulfil their work and ministry.

We are aware that this could be an ongoing challenge, especially as we have more to send out more soon.

4. For access to fuel which is currently in extremely limited supply

The shortage of fuel is still a big problem. Due to the worsening fuel situation, the team have mostly been focusing on doing more activities and gathering people together at the centre. However, as the team plan ahead for the future, they are hoping to expand the work into other villages and surrounding areas who all also in great need. Please do pray for provision of fuel despite the increasing cost for important travel visits further afield going forward.

Thank you

I am so grateful for all your support. As always, all the team send their thanks and greetings on behalf of the team and the church there.

Every blessing,

Peter Martin

Founding Director of Hope Lebedyn

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    From 17th - 24th February we are holding a week of prayer as we remember the 2nd anniversary of the war in Ukraine.
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