Distributing Christmas Presents to Schools!

During the Christmas holidays, we were able to visit some educational establishments with the Good News and provide them with presents!

Of course, the current coronavirus situation has caused some difficulties for us, however, by God's mercy we were able to serve God through supporting our children and adults. While many different sponsors refused to visit because of the pandemic, we ensured we made our visits, all the while operating in a safe manner. It was such a great opportunity to display God's love and not give up despite the situation. It helped show them Christ's love will never give up, no matter what!

Hryntsevo school – Since Autumn, the children have continued to ask about our puppet show visits. We have visited this particular school a few times before and every time we visit the children become more and more involved in what we try to share with them! They are continually wanting to learn more about God and happily answer all our questions! After all the performances, the children love sharing what they’ve learnt, and we are so happy with their knowledge!

Also, after the performance, one boy Artem whose mother has an alcohol addition, came up and asked for our telephone number. He wanted to keep in contact with us so he could call and ask any question or when he will need encouraging word.

Rehabilitation Centre for children (Суми) – This is always a place where we are warmly welcomed. It was very important to show to the children how Christmas is much more than just family holiday celebration and receiving presents. Unfortunately, many of these children don't have families who can be with them and give them presents and that's why the good news that Jesus was born for everybody no matter who you are was very encouraging for these children's little hearts!

Inclusive centre for disabled children - These children can't really understand what we are talking about, they can only feel our love and care, and they love presents! Our most important hope during our work here is that the parents and grandparents of these children can hear about God. The hope, which given by Jesus Christ, helps them to keep going and not give up in difficult situations!

Megyrych school - The children who attend this village school are always so excited for our visits! They were very active and attentive, and it was a wonderful way to share about the real meaning of Christmas, as well as love of our Saviour with both the children and teachers there! 

Since our winter camp is only for teenagers, we prepared a big Christmas event for all the younger children and their parents on the 24th of December. Children and parents were able to participate in some fun competitions and games we prepared! The children who attend our clubs also got to perform songs and drama performances etc. It was also a great opportunity for parents to see the children had been learning during their time without through the year. The atmosphere of the event was so nice and it felt like one big family! Parents sang with their children, took part in different games and competitions and watched the Christmas story.

At the event of this wonderful event, all the children received some presents and helped remind them that God gave us the best present, his one and only Son!

Thank you for all the support.

Love from Bohdan and the team.

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