My name is Pablo. I was born into the Christian family so I heard a lot about God from my early age. Also the Christian camps had a great impact on my life which I attended in Lebedyn mission centre. The atmosphere within the camps was always better and different from the real world. I always felt that there I could be who I am without any pretending. But when you are in this place you forget to value it, you feel that everything should be like this.

When you grow up in Christian family it is very difficult to truly come to know God as you don’t see any reason to start thinking about Salvation. You take what you have for granted. But in my teenage years I had some problems as I spent a lot of time with not “friends” from outside the church.

І asked for forgiveness and gave Him my life.

I started to drinking alcohol and smoking, lying to my parents and avoiding serious conversation with them. But, praise God, in my heart I knew that what I was doing was wrong. I started to get serious in for sport and wanted this to be an key part of my life. However God had a different plan for me. To be honest I was afraid that God would start working in my life so I kept contact with my old non church friends.

One day I woke up with the strong pain in my joints. I knew deep in my heart that God wanted to talk with me. I had a really serious problem with my joints and even in hospital they couldn’t do anything for me. Every step I made gave me terrible pain and I felt like a very old man.

Of course all my so called “friends” stopped spending time with me as they didn’t need a friend who even couldn’t walk. My parents kept prayed for me but I was so very angry with God and thought that all what was happening with me wasn’t fair. One morning I woke up but couldn’t get out of bed. This was the moment when I started to talk with God. І asked for forgiveness and gave Him my life.


Step by step God started to renew my health. However I could not think of doing sport any more so I decided to go to Lebedyn to study music at the Pedagogical college. I joined the youth meetings, helped a lot in the camps where I was baptised and this is how my spiritual growth started. After graduation I went to Kremenchuk, found a church and served in the church. But my desire was to do youth ministry so I prayed to God about it.

After a while Bohdan asked me if I could help with the youth ministry in Lebedyn mission centre. It was the answer to my prayer.  I am now serving in Lebedyn and feel like I am in the place where God wants me to be. Praise God we have a lot of young people who are willing to hear His Word!!!