My name is Inna Kovtun.

My education is а primary school teacher and also a Biblical soul guardian and junior bachelor of theology.  I love children and all the activities with them: teaching, organising different events and holidays for them, playing with them.  My favourites are the teenagers. Some people say it is very hard period of life, but for me work with teenagers is always a new discovery.

I love to study as it is perfect spiritual or professional improvement for every person. I am afraid to stop developing, growing and improving. I love reading as this is one of greatest methods of learning and I love to listen to people and hear what hasn’t been said. I want people to see in me not only good and wise person, but Him, Who is the reason of everything in my life and of my life in total.  If someone asks me why I serve God, I would reply, because I can’t live in a different way.

My Motto:

And He died for all, so that all those who live might live no longer to and for themselves, but to and for Him Who died and was raised again for their sake

2 Сorinthians 5:15

My testimony

I was born into ordinary family with good parents and an older brother.  I was almost a perfect girl, daughter, student and I was ‘daddy’s girl’ as he understood me like no-one else.

I always say that in my life I had two different important moments, when I believed in God and when I trusted Him.

I started thinking seriously about God when I was 10 years old as I nearly lost my life by jumping into the deep lake. I started thinking what would be next, how the life ends, what is after the end?  I went to the local Orthodox Church but couldn’t understand much. However, a while later when I was 12 my cousin invited me to a Christian camp held in Lebedyn. It was there, for the first time, that I started to understand Who God is! I remember saying my first silent prayer as I wanted to know the God my leaders had in their lives and I wanted my life to change. God heard my prayer that day and after a while I noticed that God was really answering my prayers.

For 2 years I was part of the local Sunday school, and when I was 14 I went to the youth camp, where my heart opened up to accept Jesus. My prayer then was: Dear God, take my hand and lead me by Your Way.  I came home and thought that everyone will understand my life changes, but my parents told me that I believe in fairy tales and when I grew up I would forget about faith and about God. When I decided to be baptised my mother was against this idea and she had a long talk with my pastor. Praise God, she agreed. After my baptism I had to leave home to live with my grandmother for a year as my brother was really bad to me because of my faith choices.

Year after year I understood more and more that God was in my life and that I didn’t want to live without Him. My cousin and my aunt were praying for me at that time. They were always there for me and on my side through the hard times. One of such times for me was the illness of my father. He had cancer and it became a real challenge on my faith. We had always been great friends and I prayed that he would believe in God.  But he had a hard heart through his time in the Afghanistan war.  He was very angry with God as he saw so much death around him during the war.

Before this situation in my life I was sure that if you believe in God, serve Him, pray to Him, He hears everything and answers straight away. I felt so close to God, I was very active in ministries everywhere I could be.  If I could serve God anywhere then I would be there. I prayed so strongly for my father’s health but nothing changed in fact he felt worse and worse. Before when praying I felt relief and comfort but in this situation I felt broken. I had so many questions to God and why He wanted to take somebody away from me who I loved so much?

Little by little God helped me to understand that He has a great plan for my life and that I need to trust Him in everything even in hard times. I started to pray for my father’s soul, for God to touch his heart. I told to God that I would give Him everything and this was the sincere prayer of my heart. That very same day in the evening the pastors from our church came to talk with my father and they prayed together. Even I had a chance to pray with my father almost at the last minute of his life. God gave me hope to see my father in Heaven and to meet with him again. The next morning my father passed away.

This hard moment of my life was the time to learn how really to trust God and until now I know that everything is only in His Hands. He is the God who controls everything in my life. He is never late, nothing is hidden from Him. He is my perfect Father and the best Friend.